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Life is better lounging at the pool not cleaning it! We offer Pool Maintenance packages that fit your needs.
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We offer a wide array of custom pool design and construction services as well as pool maintenance packages! No matter the dream, we have something to suit your needs. Check out our Pool Maintenance options below.
Custom Swimming Pool Design & Build
We do it all! From drawings and permits to pouring concrete to landscaping.
Ultimate Pool Care Package
Perfect for those wanting to open their pools early and close them later. With this package you don't need to worry about the operation of your pool at all. Every time you head out for a swim the water will be crystal clear and perfectly refreshing, and you'll never have to think about PH balancing again.
Complete Pool Care Package
Designed for the home owner who doesn't mind looking after their pool during certain weeks in the summer. We'll open and close your pool, keep it clean and tidy, and make sure all pumps and filters are working perfectly.
À La Carte Pool Services
If neither Pool Care Package suits your needs, we offer all of our opening, closing, and cleaning services individually! Prices range from $100 to $350, and our scheduling is flexible. A pool care packages to suit your needs.

All pool cleaning services also include: vacuuming, scum line cleaning, skimmer cleaning, chemicals check and PH balancing, backwash filter cleaning, and inspection of pumps and other plumbing.
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